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Substance Abuse

IOP_TeamAddiction is a treatable illness, characterized by continued use of alcohol and/or other drugs despite the consequences. If you have trouble controlling the amount you drink or use, if you are unable to stop when you want to stop, or if things are happening to you while you are drinking or using that you did not plan to have happen then our intensive outpatient substance program can help. Our schedule allows participants to remain employed and live at home while involved in treatment.

Our program is abstinence based, has a strong relapse prevention component, follows the Twelve-Step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous and involves the family. Your privacy and sense of safety are very important to us so we work hard to maintain this type of environment. If you are willing to follow our suggestions and actively participate in the program we can help you develop a happy and healthy recovery lifestyle. We treat all forms of addiction regardless of the substance.

We develop individual treatment plans for all our clients. It is common to see individuals with both a substance abuse condition along with a mental health condition. We believe that both illnesses need to be treated at the same time for effective recovery from both. We screen all clients for any mental health conditions and can add this to their treatment plan when needed. Our practical, hands-on education sessions and group therapy teach people to cope with day to day situations without the use of chemicals. The program schedule is Tuesday and Thursday from 6-9 PM and Saturday from 9 AM-12PM.